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2018 by Ichon

Ichon is the best thing to have come out of the French rap scene since …? Cheeky, irreverent, well read and certainly full of wit …He is as skilled at wielding his pen as he is at donning a suit – a class act… This year’s laser sharp rap sensation is here to stay for the long term…We’ll talk about it again in 2028!

If you had to present yourself and your music to people who didn’t know you, how would you sum yourself up?
My name is Ichon, I’m a rap artist and a member of the collective group and label Bon Gamin made up of Loveni, Myth Syzer and myself. I come from Montreuil and I’m always looking for happiness.

I love « love », the rain, when the sun shines, a French cake called  « La Galette des Rois » and cosy fire places.

What will be the highlights, your most memorable moments in 2018?

The highlights of 2018 will be when I travel.
When I find peace and silence taking a walk in a forest.
When I direct my next music videos.
When I finish my album.
When I go on stage with my crew.
When I cook for my friends.
When I won’t die…

What is the biggest challenge ahead of you between now and the end of 2018 ?
I don’t know whether it’s the biggest, but I’m challenging myself to pass my driving license this year. Otherwise a lot less fun, I want to stop being a raging lunatic.

An artist, a designer…. from any creative environment. Who would you like to collaborate with and why ?
My mother because she never has the time nor the courage to do it herself….

If you could make a contribution or have a personal idea to make the world we live in a better place what would it be ?
If everyone took the time to do what he personally wants to do then there wouldn’t be any competition, jealousy or hate…

Ichon’s interview by Thomas Erber .